Helicopter Lifting and Construction Operations

Restricted site access, disruption mitigation, expidited project programing, environmental preservation or narrow weather windows.  Using a helicopter aerial crane for construction or material and plant movements can simplify your build and save money. 


With a proven track record of over 110 structures built or modified using helicopter, we have the experience to plan and execute a veriety of helicopter construction and lifting operations. We work in the UK and Internationally with a veriety of aircraft, loads and aplications.



Planning and Support

We can help your decision making at an early stage by quickly establishing feasability and budgetary estimates. Producing RAMS & safe systems of work; establishing temporary heli handling areas including pads and refeuling areas, exclusion zone managment.


Cohesive Team

We bring together a specialist team of riggers who are not only seasoned with working underneath helicopters, but who also train together with heli handlers and pilots. 

Familiarity and experience between all team members involved is essential for efficient and safe lifts, every time.


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